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Make Sure to Check Where Your Dog Stay

Dog boarding checklist

One very important and crucial thing you need to make sure before leaving your dog at day care or at a boarding centre

Is your dog staying in a cage for whole day? You have to ask them to show you around the place so that you can see if it is full of cages or if there is plenty of spaces for dogs to play around outside as well not just inside.

Is it taking you whole day to check around the place? NO! only 1-2 minutes will do. If you are rushing for work and if that is the reason then come back when you are free.

Your dog will stay for whole day until you come back and you don’t even know how the place looks like? You better leave your dog home. You shouldn’t rely on dog day cares’ beautiful homepages and think that it is what it is.

When you are on holidays having good time and you think your dog is on holiday too or sacrificing him or herself for you? If they won’t let you look around their places, then something must be wrong there. You need to make sure you check the place.