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What our Customers Say

At Spoilt Rotten Dogs, the best reward for all our efforts is to have happy customers and dogs. On behalf of all our team we would like to thank our loyal customers for all their support of the year. Spoilt Rotten Dogs would not be what is without you!

Hannah & Muffin

Just like to say thankyou to Spoilt rotten dogs for looking after my chihuahua muffin.I love knowing that you only take in small dogs and that they are well loved. I've tried many dog hotels in the past and how found she has been given no exercise and the only other dogs are too large for her to to play with. Thanks guys I will be back!





I would like to thank the team at Spoilt Rotten Dogs for the AMAZING job you did of my Maltese shih Tzu Pepper. She went in looking a little worse for ware as she had taken a slight back seat since having my first baby 12 weeks ago. I felt she needed a little picke up and a new hair do makes any lady happy and that is just how she came home.

When I picked her up she had a beautiful little pink bow around her neck and her head was held high, removing her winter coat has made for a cooler & happier Pepper at home. Thank you I will definitely be back and intend to recommend you to all her puppy friends

Steve & Lola

I've been taking my Italian Greyhound, Lola, to Spoilt Rotten Dogs ever since they opened. The premises are clean and tidy, and the staff are friendly and polite. Most importantly, they're dog lovers, and it shows! I love receiving video and photo updates of Lola whilst I'm on holidays, and she never wants to leave when it's time to go home! I've tried other dog hotels in the past, and they don't even come close to the standards I've come to expect from Spoilt Rotten Dogs. I would not trust leaving my dog anywhere else! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend when we drop Lola off again!!

Steve and Lola

Gizmo & Parsley

Gizmo and parsley

Gizmo & Parsley

My two furry bruisers Gizmo & Parsley have been coming here for 6 months+ for grooming and boarding when I travel for work, I have met both the owners Sharon & Mario and it delights me to say I never know if their happier to see my two, or if my two are happier to see them. I've looked everywhere for somewhere they would be welcome and this is it!

Gizmo & Parsley have been to a few boarding homes when I travel, but this was the first where they had a tv, couches, a garden, a sandpit and someone always on hand to play with and throw a ball! I love my boys too much to have them in a cement/chain prison with one walk a day, now when I travel for work I know they're having a holiday.

If dogs could talk, this is where they'd ask to go, of that I'm 100% sure.