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We are an Inner West Dog Hotel and Day Care and we love all the Inner West Dogs and Sydney Dogs out there... so in celebration of Sydney pooches we've pulled together a few four-legged legends sharing their fun and adventures on Instagram.

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 An Aussie Bulldog. Born a bit of a lemon 29/04/16, but making some sweet, sweet lemonade out of things as he lives it up in Sydney's Inner West.






 Born 21/10/2016 Sydney Eat, sleep, poop, repeat







 🐾31 August 2016 🎈 🐶 Pugalier (Pug✖️Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) 👑 📍Sydney 🇦🇺 Full-time licker 😝👅👅, Part-time Frankfurt hunter🌭🌭










Freddie Mercury 🐾

 I'm Freddie Mercury 🐶 I'm a wire-haired miniature dachshund 🐾I love strawberries 🍓I'm also the lead singer of the band Queen, obviously 👑










Maddie + Oreo the Puli 

Pulik duo mopping our way through Sydney Australia. Dreadies and tongues guaranteed! 🍍🍪














Sheltie from Sydney who loves adventure, humans, my Cocker Spaniel brother Tully & sometimes my cat sister Lucy.




Winston & Tonka Bears








Willow and Co 

 Willow, Lottie, Bentley and Piper





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