Summer Dog Care To Do List

Summer is the best season to get outdoors, enjoy the beach or go for a hike in the mountains. But summertime can also be a dangerous season for intense heat. Too much sun just ain’t fun! This is true for people and dogs. Our ‘furry’ friends can overheat easily, so to ensure they enjoy, thrive and survive this summer, keep these to-dos in mind:


Keep Your Dog Cool

Walk your dog during the coolest time of day, such as early in the morning and late at night. Pavements are more comfortable to walk on at this time, and the overall temperature is safer for your pets’ daily routine. Also keep in mind that although vigorous exercise is good, slowing down in summer is best.

Dehydration is a real problem. Prevention is key, by keeping dogs hydrated. Always bring a bottle or two of water. Let your dogs bring it for you in a backpack or vest. The bottle of water will cool them down while giving needed rehydration.

Also watch out for any signs of dehydration like heavy panting, drooling, bloodshot eyes, paleness, and becoming lethargic. Another test is lifting their skin. If it takes longer to fall back into place, it’s a clear sign of dehydration. Hydrate immediately!

Provide shade and a well-ventilated spot for your dog to rest. Keep in mind that the sun moves throughout the day, and there needs to be shade for your dog whatever time it is. The dog house is not a great option as it can heat up like a hot box. If there is not sufficient shade, keep them indoors until the heat passes.

Give the dogs a cool spot. It can be a damp blanket kept in the shade, or a doggy paddle-pool. Frozen treats like ‘pupsicles’ are great, too! Installing sprinklers that spray gentle mist is a fun way to give them a cool break as well.

Dogs naturally dig holes to avoid the heat. So if your pets are doing this, it’s not a sign of frustration, but an instinct to get cool.

Summer Travels

Staying indoors is advisable during a hot summer day, but it can also be a good excuse to hit the beach or lake. Bringing your dogs with you is okay as long as you:

Pack water at all times. Keeping your dogs hydrated doesn’t stop when you travel away from home. So make sure you have more than enough. Bring frozen treats as well, if possible.

Never leave dogs in the car: It is advisable to never leave your dogs in the car alone. The car can become an instant oven in the sun leading to a quick and painful death.

In addition to the heat, your pets might get over excited by the sight of passersby or experience claustrophobia and panic.

Going Abroad: Holidays spent overseas can be more daunting rather than enjoyable for your dogs. So if you need to travel abroad, it’s best to ask a trusted friend to look after your pets. If this isn’t possible, there are plenty of boarding hotels for dogs. Just make sure you choose a boarding facility that has a proven record of quality care. It’s a win-win for you and your dogs. It will be like a pet vacation for your dog and peace of mind for yourself.


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