Top 5 Most Expensive Dog Hair Cuts

You may have encountered dogs with weird and over-the-top hairstyles on numerous occasions but may not know much about the more expensive ones. Here are the five most extravagant dog hair cuts and most expensively groomed dogs

This Pomeranian Lola in Essex, England has her hair dyed bright pink and looks absolutely ravishing. The bath, fluff-dry, and cut cost £45 plus an additional £30 for the color. All in all, the cost of the hair cut summed up to $111 USD. Think that’s lavish? The cost of the complete grooming package in Essex can run up to $670 for the full treatment.


This afghan hound sports a costly blueberry and vanilla facial. A Fresh Breath Treatment can cost £9.95 in Chelsea, London can while the full grooming cost can amount to £270. That’s $15 for the facial and $400 for the full treatment.


Here is Mariah Carey with her expensively groomed dog. In order to keep her eight dogs groomed to the “Hollywood standard” Mariah Carey spends a whopping $22,000 a year on their grooming. That’s almost 3K a year per dog!


This Russian Borzoi is arguably the most expensively groomed dog in India. According to its owner, a grooming kit for the dog costs approximately $8,000 while one particular scissor itself was worth over $800.



This Central Asian Shepherd’s haircut in Almaty costs around $100. Although it isn’t the most expensive grooming we’ve covered here, but it is the most expensive in the city.



Everyone pampers their dog every now and then. Don’t feel guilty the next time you spend more than a ten for a treat for you loyal companion, you could be doing better!

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