Best Places to Walk Your Dog in Sydney


Professional dog walkers say that a healthy walk for an hour or two is not just a way of exercising and maintaining your pet’s weight, but it is an effective technique to teach your beloved pets how to behave in a social surrounding among humans or other dogs. It can also help in stabilizing their hyperactive and over excited behaviour that can otherwise become a nightmare for you to handle. So, where should you take your dog for a walk?

Sydney has always been at the top as the most favoured tourist attraction. With its exotic beaches, lush green gardens, and especially designed walking tracks, the city has some ideal locations to go for a walk and spend some quality time with your dog(s). If you are wondering where to take your canine for a walk, here is a list of some exceptionally stunning locations of Sydney that you will love to explore and walk around in, with your dog.

North Shelly Beach

Unfortunately, not all the beaches in Sydney allow you to walk on the sand with your dog, but North Shelly Beach is an exception. It is located on the Central Coast which is considered as an ideal location for those dogs and their owners who love to splash in the waves and play around the coast.

Centennial Parklands

The city of Sydney is full of gorgeously green parks that have breath taking scenic beauty to blow your mind away. Centennial Parklands is one of them, located at a 10 minutes’ drive from the city. With more than 15000 trees to create a green canopy over your head, the park has the perfect backdrop to make you feel fresh and relaxed. You can go there with your pet and enjoy the soothing warmth of the sun.

Along with walking, the place also has several sections that are fully designed for hiking, biking, climbing and more. After a walk, you can even enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee in one of the restaurants and cafes there.

Blenheim Park

If you want your dogs to become obedient and disciplined, you must train them regularly. For training, it is mandatory to choose an wide and spacious location so that your dogs don’t feel agitated rather enjoy the training session. Blenheim Park is one such place in Sydney where you can take your dog for walk plus training. With fences and fully gazed exercise area, it will allow you to keep your dogs within a boundary and train them at the same time.

Rowland Reserve

So far, you must have realized that Sydney has numerous locations especially designed to cater your dogs’ needs. But there is still one place which deserves a mention, and that is the Rowland Reserve. This place is sometimes referred to as ‘doggie paradise’ because it has dog oriented cafes, beaches, and parks and more.

So make the most of your walk and bond with your dog at these amazing dog friendly locations in Sydney.

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